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Disengage, dude

I agree with your post except the memory of a Daily Paul without truthers. They've always been here. You just have to learn to co-exist and that mostly means learning to hold a firm boundary in refusing to allow them to engage you on topics that have crossed into obsession for them.

That boundary is not for the faint of heart. Some are so obsessed you can't even disengage without being called a "sheep" regarding topics you're in agreement on. That's the level of "rightness" you're dealing with, that you're wrong not to be equally obsessed and anything they choose to hurl at you is therefore justified. Some here aren't quite that bad, but are emboldened by the ones who are.

Yes, newbies will be run off and not get this chance to learn more about liberty. But there's nothing we can do about that because if certain personalities are that convinced they are right, they then consider anything they do in the name of their rightness to be justified. Your attempts to convince them they are wrong are tears shed in the ocean.

But it is way easier to not click on a topic on the Daily Paul than it is to disengage in real life, at a party, face to face. Newbies might as well cut their teeth at the Daily Paul because if they're to do anything for liberty, they'll encounter the misbehaving faction of truthers in meat space and if the Daily Paul is what runs them off, they have zero chance of remaining on the front lines in meat space.

The path to improving the atmosphere within the liberty movement is to bring in a greater diversity of personalities. You're engaging the fight facing the wrong direction.

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