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Comment: Engage in a reasoned discussion.

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Engage in a reasoned discussion.

Make a wish?

There are sources I can refer to when discussing political economy, so my example of a competitive understanding on this subject can include links and quotes to those sources.

I think there is a very good way to start this discussion so as to avoid argument for the sake of argument; along the lines of placing the actual practices of securing whatever it is that is being disused in political economy.

The subject matter having to do with the term Intellectual Property works as well as Land, Water, Money, Security, or any Rights under the Sun, even the right to sunlight works when in works, how it works, while it works, as it works, so where does it work?

I think it may be a good idea to set up a hypothetical place where the discussion can find exactly where the boarders of one viewpoint end and the boarders of another viewpoint begins, so why not construct a hypothetical example of a Free Market Government Place on Earth, existing for a time on Earth, before this Free Market Government Place was overpowered by the opposition to Free Market Governments, and so an example of such a thing can serve to illustrate how a new working example, a hypothetical one working today, works.

I can call this Free Market Government Place with names, more names, because this Free Market Government Place is where the boarders of the Intellectual Property Rights Free Market Government Place ends, and the place where no such thing exits begins, and in that Non-Intellectual Property Rights Place, there in that place, those who have no need for Intellectual Property Rights are, in fact, in thought, and in deed, where they belong, and everyone knows where the boarder is, sooner or later.

I can call this Free Market Government Place a name called a Democratic Federated Republic, and I can use the time period between 1776 and 1788, in America, as the example used to describe how a Free Market Government Place works, and therefore the hypothetical modern example of it, with that understanding of how it works, can commence.

In a Free Market Government Place such as a Democratic Federated Republic those who are being persecuted for their beliefs, for their thoughts, for their capacity to make more good things at the end of the day compared to the good things they have at the start of the day, those who are targeted, and persecuted, those people, can vote with their feet on out of the Un-Free, Non-Market, Non-Government Places, and arrive in the Free Market Government Places, at will, and pay their own way, or they can find investors who may help pay their way, and share the risks, and share the benefits, if any benefits do materialize out of the costs paid by those who agree to expend those costs.

This is already a lot of text, but please bear with me, the concept here is to set-up a place, call it a State, call it Massachusetts, and next to that State, there is another State, call it Vermont, and know, in this Free Market Government Example, those being targeted in Massachusetts can walk on up to Vermont, at will, and no one claims the absolute right to force the walker back to where he left persecution.

In this Free Market Government, in reality, that is how it worked, in this Free Market Government, constructed hypothetically, there is a State where all the Intellectual Property Rights Proponents go, and those who don't care for it, go to the other State, in the Voluntary Union.

Once the concept of voluntary union is thereby illustrated, copied, and employed, those being persecuted can vote with their feet, and eventually all those agreeing that Intellectual Property Rights are forms of persecution move to State A.

State A = Those people gathering there share their ideas as if their ideas were like sunlight.

State B = Those people gathering there share their Intellectual Property Rights Idea with no one, not without a transfer of a royalty of some kind transferred to the first person to corner that market created in that State, from everyone else who uses that idea.

That is my start. It is not short. It is not sweat. It is not an argument for the sake of argument. It is a way to see how things work in reality.