Comment: I can only hope that Silver,

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I can only hope that Silver,

I can only hope that Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium tank; I hope they go to zero. As you BitCoiners buy that junk I would be buying metals, because metals cannot be infinitely produced.

Before you say that BitCoin is limited to 21 million BitCoins you should realize that one can trade and infinitely small fraction of a BitCoin, thereby making a single BitCoin infinite in number of units of trade; this ability makes BitCoin worthless. One day people are collecting as many BitCoin as possible and the next day even the person with one BitCoin has an infinite number of units of trade.

On can always trade 1X10-100000000000 BitCoin; the actual number of BitCoin becomes irrelevant and it becomes equal to the Fed printing 100000000000 dollars. The only difference is who has it; but the destructiveness to the economy would be equal.