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People are responsible for their beliefs.

People are not responsible for the facts. That is why operating on beliefs is so dicey.
I don't bother much with 9-11 any more, but 9-12... I do not "believe" there was a crime committed, there was wall to wall video news coverage of a crime. It is a felony to destroy a crime scene before3 the investigation is done. Some choose to ignore that fact, and they are responsible for aiding the media and government in the cover up.
I believed Pharma was trying to make people better. I am responsible for the damage I did, even though it was done in total ignorance. Indeed, what is good in my heart blinded me to facts, because I believed I was a good person, and so the work I did was good. Understanding my role and then becoming a whistle blower is essentially "penance" for my "sin."
Next up? Bitcoin. Many "believe" it has intrinsic value. Today, they ride high, perhaps laughing at me and my devaluing silver, and yet.... I can still make the exact same amount of colloidal silver today that I could a week or a month ago.... Who is operating on fact and who is investing in their beliefs? I'm quite content to sit back and see how it unfolds.... Those investing in beliefs will be held financially responsible for their beliefs.
And I disagree with the way you phrased your premise, actually. I saw what I wanted to see for 40+ years, what I see now is not something I wanted to see, nor enjoy seeing. I think I understand what you are getting at, that we tend to seek evidence to support what we already believe, rather than seek truth without bias. That is indeed a very human trait, but I think there are people genuinely trying to rise above that - perhaps even some success in the endeavor.

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