Comment: it's getting to the point where . . .

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it's getting to the point where . . .

it will be off-limits to discuss anything to do with Israel, simply because of all the debate, arguments, disagreement--

and the emotion it elicits on every side--

it's kind of scary really--

not sure what to think or say--

but if anyone mentions Israel, there is huge division--

and then someone will come back with an OP urging that nobody criticize Israel, etc.--

One of the actresses (Palestinian-Israeli) talked about how in the region itself Palestinians and Israelis get along well, and that if the "world" would stop interfering, they would continue to get along well--

this was before the most recent hostilities between Gaza and Israel, but--

it was an interesting comment that she made, something along the lines of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"--

spouse and I watched this recently; we are hunting for films that help Americans understand what is happening--

with an Israeli (Jewish) director/producer and an Arabic (Muslim) writer--

and with a mix of actors/actresses . . . it gives an interesting perspective--

true cinema may be one of the few ways *we* can understand--

it's easy for some of us to point to a bunch of globalists of every stripe as the cause of all of this--

but one can't help but admire those who are trying to build bridges; *they* (the people of this area) are--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--