Comment: ZERO an investigation into 9/11

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ZERO an investigation into 9/11

Check this out.

And dude you need to calm down and open you mind.

Now if that video does not help how about some pictures.

To me any one who believes that a guy that could not fly a single engine Cessna could pull of the 270 degree turn then fly a 737 at over 500MPH (its imposable to move that plane at that speed at sea level in level flight, look it up) avoid the freeway and smack the Pentagon a few feet above the ground, is... a fool, just watches the corporate media, does not look at what happens around the world, live in a ferry tale land where our government is not the biggest weapons manufacture on the PLANET and could have easily stopped this if they had wanted to.

Look man the only thing that could have done this kinda damage to the inside ring of that building ( by the it was retrofitted to with stand a missile attack) is something a lot more dense then an airplane body.

looks like a cruise missile to me:

Looks kinda like