Comment: What about Payne Stewart?

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What about Payne Stewart?

Just a few months prior to 911 golfer Payne Stewart boarded a plane in Florida and was headed towards Texas. Something went wrong and the pilot and passengers were overtaken by lack of oxygen and passed out. Less than 15 minutes into the flight a fighter jet was scrambled because the pilot was not responding to flight control. The Fighter jet was alongside in minutes and followed the plane to the Dakotas where it ran out of fuel and crashed. It only took minutes for a jet to respond to a private jet. Why do you think a fighter jet was not dispatched to any of the planes that crashed once it was reported that the pilot was not responding and changing from its flight plan? There are a lot of unanswered questions but you can go ahead and believe the Popular Mechanics version of what happened if you want. Just don't tell someone with an engineering background that the buildings fell at free fall speed without any resistance from the supporting structure below. So what if you are a teacher. My sister is a doctor and I don't think she knows everything about medicine. Get over yourself. We all have reasons to doubt the officials stories that the MSM would like us to believe. Look up the Northwoods Document. Learn what your government was capable of back in the 60's and see if you don't change your mind about the possibilities.