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Suppose tomorrow the figure

Suppose tomorrow the figure reaches 70%?

Will people leave their families, their jobs and relatively comfortable lives to wage a war on the most powerful people in the planet?

I have a high opinion of the human race but I doubt that will happen.

For example I don't feel the lack of liberty at feel. Yes I pay a small fortune in taxes but I have enough to do all the things I want. In fact I might support the status quo if such a battle was to occur because it begs the question that who will come to power after the war.

In what state would society be after such an event. Would I still be able to enjoy the comforts and privileges I have today?

So as long as most people are content with their lot, regardless of knowledge, there will be no uprising. So as long as the elites keep mankind happy, they will remain in power. So it is in their interest to live for the welfare of mankind isn't it?