Comment: The problem is the downvoting

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The problem is the downvoting

... and ridicule from the small cliques of supporters who bury skeptical posts or responses. The problem is that these people hold the fallacious belief that if only their skeptical opponents just "opened their minds enough" they would come around to their "correct" conclusion. The problem is that those who disagree with these people and voice valid criticisms get shouted down or labeled as closed-minded shills instead of having their views considered and respected.

I consider myself a skeptic of several near-and-dear beliefs which frequently appear in upvoted threads on the DP. I used to voice my opinion in these threads, but these days I just downvote and move on rather than respond. There's just no point to wading into these minefields anymore. I'll just get shouted down, because all the other skeptics who'd agree with me also avoid these threads.

But a lot of that's probably because we don't yet have a presidential election to talk about. Once the 2016 election gets into full swing, those types of posts won't be as numerous. I hope.