Comment: I am trying to point out the

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I am trying to point out the

I am trying to point out the facts here so that people know the truth. I am trying to show the overwhelming difference in the amount of evidence there is to support the two sides of this argument. To expose how little evidence there is for the argument that no plane hit the Pentagon. I went years saying no plane hit the Pentagon from believing lies in documentaries I had watched and not doing counter research. I don't like to be wrong and I don't like to admit it either, but when faced with the evidence I find it irrefutable. If someone has evidence that can refute it, this is the chance to present it.

Tell me what to you is the best evidence for no plane hitting the Pentagon? What makes you question that every eyewitness is lying and disregard all the plane parts, etc.?

I am not trying to be a dick, but I am tired of personal attacks with no substance attached when I try to discuss this on here, which is what usually happens.