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With or without novocain

makes quite a difference in the kind of fat lip one has after a dental procedure.

My dentist thought perhaps we didn't need novocain, and afterall I wouldn't have a fat lip and could eat lunch right away so we gave it a try. Needless to say, I had what he called an "autmoatic reflex action" and I now have a fat lip due to the drill hitting the inside it after I jerked my arms upward and slid down in the chair. He likened the action to what one would have when a knee is tapped a certain way. Which leads to a 2nd compare and contrast:

automatic reflex caused by pain vs. automatic reflex caused by tapping...I can guess both result from hitting certain nerves.

He said next time he'd use novocain when I asked if I should of held on tight to the arms of the chair. He said it wouldn't have made a difference as I would have jumped anyways. He said he was sorry for hitting my lip. I said I was glad it was not my eye.

Anyways, I have slept most of the day and have no more words. Except I am wondering if I amy trying to keep from getting sick or I am getting sick. I haven't felt well for 2 days now. Oh a 3rd comparison and contrast:

Life before cancer and life after least there is life, but before cancer I had energy, after cancer I have what they have decided to call fibromyalgia. You know that convenient thing that no one can see, but is a good excuse to get out of anything, yet leaving you looking like a lazy bum.

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