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we keep going round and round

You say, it was an honest to goodness unmediated invasion on the spur of the moment by a mighty, mighty force against a rag tag militia... but then things kinda dragged on.


well.. you know they were designed that way.

WHEN WHERE THEY DESIGNED THAT WAY? One week into the 'spur of the moment' invasion or four years before the invasion?

personal attacks?

Marines are trained to kill on demand without question.
How do they get that way?
Who in their right mind would attack innocent people?
Mostly women and children are killed by IMpersonal attacks by marines.

Maybe people sign up for war with noble intentions... but it's been common knowledge for eons... hired soldiers do the bidding of the warlords.... no glory, just a lot of gore.

It beats me how young men just jump into the meat grinder... but don't expect the prime targets of those bullets to tip their hats.

Perhaps you are right - some soldiers don't need to be brainwashed... they will kill, on demand, innocent people without needing to go through the rigours of boot camp.

Do you think any soldier who stepped foot in the middle-east thought to himself...
"oh no, I forget my passport."
"Do I need to get a visa to enter a sovereign country like Afghanistan or Iraq?"