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Then let it be stricken from the record.

I am not invested enough in any OJ conspiracies to look further into it. I thought I was using a simple analogy, and you are right, I'm assuming OJ did it based off the fact that I just don't care enough to look further into it. If I was on the OJ jury, I'd care more. I retract all my OJ comments and promise not to attempt to claim that I know whether OJ did or didn't do it. I was using an analogy which wasn't up to par with you, and for the sake of argument, I will retract those analogies so as not to be seen as one attempting to pass off bad fallacies as good information.
In place of those analogies, lets not use a real case, instead, I will simply replace them with a random fictional case in which a man kills his former wife and her lover and then tries to go free based on various bits of evidence. In this story, lets assume the defendant was actually guilty.
There, now that we have that in place, go back and read my comments concerning OJ, and just replace that incident with the fictional one in which you know the accused to be guilty.
After you do that, then address the points I was making.

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