Comment: In The Meantime, You Can Try to Make the Best Of It

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In The Meantime, You Can Try to Make the Best Of It

I totally understand your desire to attend a church that recognizes the hypocrisy of supporting a mob that blatantly ignores the Bible.

We all need to fellowship with those we feel comfortable with, at least, once in a while.

However, until you find such a place - and they exist - you can use your current place of worship to "go out into the world and preach...".

The fact that fellow church members do not agree with you might be a good reason to kindly point out the truth to them. How can they argue with "Thou Shalt Not Murder" or "Love is the Greatest Commandment"? What would they say if you asked them why they apply the Bible to individuals but there is no Bible preaching against those same individuals when they become members of a mob?

If you can afford it, get Tim Baldwin's book on Romans 13. It will give you a lot of Christian arguments that you can use with those who want you to support their ways of error.

"God does not support the devil unless the devil acts in the name of a democratic mob"

Gene Louis
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