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I've met Ron Paul too

I've met Ron Paul a couple times, Peter Schiff a couple times and Lew Rockwell too. I disagree with certain things they say (not as much Paul), but I think Adam Kokesh misses an opportunity, and sometimes others do too in not using their time building on the foundation of Liberty and branching out together, leaving the fine tuning for later, as Peter suggests.

It's easy to pick on the intellect of others, as we do it all the time here on DP. It's somewhat a waste of time for me to get into a discussion with someone on the relevance of Austrian Economics or Bitcoin or whatever, when I can move forward in Liberty with others on common ground in addition to my own own writing.

I try to refrain from separating myself on smaller issues where I and the other person may disagree. Even though I could possibly win the debate, and prove my point, it isn't a productive use of my time. I concentrate on the bigger picture in trying to help people understand that for which they don't know in a way that doesn't offend, but brings them to the side of Liberty. This is the beginning of a Liberty Army.

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