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You are talking about a

You are talking about a country capable of developing nuclear weapons...proven, and you think they cant handle the simple logistics of delivering that payload? We know they have medium range ballistic missles, we know they have nukes...they probably have submarines. You think they cant sit out in the pacific hundreds of miles off the coast of CA and use those medium range missles to deliver a nuke anywhere on the west coast? For all we know they have subs right now off both the east and west coast armed to the teeth with nukes, submarines are notoriously difficult to locate if they arent moving. No, they certainly have the capability and even if our missle shield shoots them down in the air, that leaves the issue of fallout and EMP pulses if they are detonated at altitude. You are underestimating their ability just because of the little you see of them...all filtered through the MSM I might add, they are our avowed enemy and Americans are arrogant enough to constantly underestimate them. Just like Rome underestimated the barbarians that took it down.