Comment: I do not think people

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I do not think people

will care about abstract logic. Even 70% of our folks do not stick to reason and embrace anarchism or populism. As far as morals, religious share the same morality of sacrifice for common good as socialists do.

Regarding Keynesian:
1) Politicians, foodstamp recipients, affirmative-action recipients, veterans on fake stress syndrome disability, police trade unions, etc would care less for the long term solution if their today's government paycheck is cut even by 10%. People want free stuff from the government today, not in 10 years.

2) Intellectuals, trade unions and affirmative action recipients do not want to work hard as free-market capitalism would requre.

As long as the system can milk the rest of the world by printing paper money that others value as gold, Americans wont quit the ediction. It would be foolish even for faithkeepers policemen who live on taxpayers money.