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and the reason YOU are rewarded with tyranny...

...for challenging us as you have in this regard; is because you do both the servile and unpatriotic thing, which is, go with majority opinion in TRUSTING your government...

The burden of proof has always been with those who both issued the "official story", and have set out to HARM the vulnerable governed that they control through our fraudulent monetary system, pointing specifically to said attack as justification.

I more than sense your insults towards my viewpoint, and accordingly I demand that you ponder what kind of a nation would we be living in now IF there was no central bank fractional reserve ponzi scheme available for our government to wage undeclared, unpopular, unjustified wars with?

The game you play is not concerned with truth, it is but a demonstration of loathsome self-conceit...and you've been rewarded with self-deception through your might-makes-right attitude.

Through humility, you'll get to the truth; and for starters, perhaps you could show us EVIDENCE of the wings and tail section of flight 77 that you believe convincingly hit the Pentagon that day.
We wouldn't be having this discussion if we would have been provided that PROOF over eleven years ago.

All your challenge embolden your opposition, at the same time invite newcomers to watch us publicly flog you....thanks for the recruiting tool!