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One of many ways.

There is a reply above by NoEndToTruth titled The Purpose of Decentralized Government reporting a similar answer to the report I keep on reporting on these mediums of communication.

Person A can run away from a Slave State and find Liberty (relative Liberty compared to the Slave State), and the design of this type of Free Market Government is to stop enforcing slavery.

What happens when we the people stop enforcing slavery upon each other?

What happens to all those people who love to be slaves?

What happens to all those people who love to make people into slaves?

Where do they run to, when they are living in a Free State in a Voluntary Union when they want to be a Slave or when they want to make Slaves out of people who want to be Slaves?

A Slave State has existed, does exist, and probably will exist, and those who choose to be in those States can find them, and be in them, and if that is not an accurate statement, then someone could prove where the statement becomes false.

Why is a Free State not allowed to exist?

Why is the invention, production, and maintenance of a Free State, a Voluntary Union, a foreign concept?

If the question is valid, then the answer ought to be accurate.

A Decentralized Government is a two word description of something, whereby the thing described with those two words means something specific, and if the specific meaning means a Free Market Government Voluntary Union, where Slaves can be Slaves in a Slave State if they choose to be Slaves in a Slave State, while at the same time a Slave that does not want to be one can move to a Free State, within the Voluntary Union, then what problems exist after that Slavery problem is thereby solved, in that way?

Where is this Decentralized Government?

Where is this Free State?

Where can those who don't want to be Slaves go to be free from Slavery?

Is that the question?

If that is the question then why is the accurate, obvious, measurable, demonstrable, answer a foreign concept?