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I'm sure at some point the

I'm sure at some point the videos they have will be released, by FOIA if need be. You can believe whatever you want to believe.
Some have speculated that if they do have good video, it has been held in case there was alot of public pressure for a new investigation building up. They could release the video of the plane hitting the Pentagon, thus proving one claim by 9/11 "conspiracy theorists" wrong and many would just assume they were wrong about the rest as well (controlled demo or CIA/Mossad involvement).

Many would just say any video released showing a plane hitting the Pentagon is faked anyway.

To cut and dry this for you, EVERY single eyewitness (over 100 people) say they saw a plane hit the Pentagon, and 26 of them specifically said it was an American Airlines plane. Add with that several pieces of an American Airlines plane found in the wreckage, including the black box from AA flt 77. Add to that body parts found in the wreckage identified by dna to be passengers of AA flt 77. Add to that radar tracking from 4 different sources of AA flt 77 flying to and ending at the Pentagon. And I conclude that A flt 77 hit the Pentagon. Better video of it would be great, but not necessary to me.