Comment: "The witnesses are adamant

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"The witnesses are adamant

"The witnesses are adamant about where they saw the plane"

Is there really reason to go beyond there? There is not a single eyewitness in that video that saw anything other than a plane hit the Pentagon, that is what I stated, and that is 100% fact. True, some eyewitnesses only saw the plane and not the impact, never said that wasn't the case. What is the case is that I am still waiting for anyone to produce a single eyewitness that saw something other than a plane hit the Pentagon.

Please provide any evidence of even a single eyewitness that say they "seen the plane fly away" if you are going to make that claim, because no one in the CIT documentary does.
Roosevelt Roberts did not say he saw the plane "fly away", he said he "thinks" he saw "a second plane fly away". Check your facts.

As for the personal attacks, I addressed them in the post, I know you're frustrated at your inability to provide any real evidence.