Comment: A society will only be as good as the people

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A society will only be as good as the people

If the people are corrupt, the society will be corrupt. If they are violent and immoral, the society will be, too. If, however, the people are generally moral, honest, and peaceful, then society will tend to be, also.

The problem is that no matter how good the people are, there will always be some sociopaths who wil lie, cheat, and murder to get what they want. When those people get the reins of government in their hands, they use the power of government to turn a good society bad.

In an anarchy, you will still have the problem of sociopaths doing bad things to good people. but they will be limited to the individuals they can touch. Their power is limited; they cannot initiate general tyranny...the government apparatus doesn't exist for them to do so.

The Warlords you talk about are nothing but another form of government. Anarchists would oppose them, too.