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You are correct that if a

You are correct that if a "church" incorporates (to join with) with the State, they cease to be a church, and even per the US codes, they become a non profit organization, not a church. But a church does NOT have to become such. The IRS publications make it clear, but using somewhat deceptive wording, that churches are NOT required to file anything with the IRS. The church that files nothing with the IRS is not tax exempt, they are tax excluded. The IRS understands, as does the government, that it must be by freewill that the church surrenders and bows to Washington DC. Those who lack wisdom in the law, and those who wish to gain benefit from THEM, are the ones who surrender their status as church in favor of non profit organization status.

It is only the non profit organization that the government has any authority over. His Church is free in this country, if they just follow His laws. Those who do not follow His laws find themselves governed under the laws of men.

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