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But that's also because you think the sun is the wheel from Apollo's chariot as he flies across the sky.

Seriously. Think about how old stuff is. Then think about us. About the human race. About all life on Earth, and how short of a time it's all been here.

Have you actually looked at the evidence? Do you even possess the correct frame of mind to do so?

Of course the theory of evolution isn't 100%. Heck, we're not even exactly sure how the continents move around and at what pace. We can't even fully explain the speed with which we got nailed by the last ice age.

That's how science meanders forward though. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, but it goes forward, whereas if you spend your life looking to the Bible for the history of how the world and the human race came to be, you're not going anywhere.

Eric Hoffer