Comment: There are anomalies that raise questions

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There are anomalies that raise questions

Like that person apprehended in the woods. However, I have wondered why in events such as these there seems to be advance notice in the entertainment media. More so than chance would seem to allow. It's like whoever is behind these want this info there to use as "persuasion" to point out to certain others that they want to subdue to get in line. There may be other things (besides blackmail) not so obvious to us that are used in conjunction with the obvious to put pressure on key people. Of course we all know about the "Lone Gunman" released in early 2001 that foresaw 9/11:
Start at 39:33 if short on time)

Why this type of thing consistently happens in big national events makes it seem like forces behind the scenes find a way to get it in. It could be through some mid-level person in a production company, who knows.

Anyway while we wait for the information to fall out from Sandy Hook and Aurora get a load of this. A trailer for the movie Gangster Squad showed ONLY on opening night of the Dark Knight Rises. Go here and watch the 3rd video in the article at about the 2 minute mark. You'll see the gangsters shooting their way through the movie screen in this trailer. Everyone in Aurora saw this trailer only minutes before the REAL DEAL happened:

What are the chances that this was coincidental? Sure, it could be.

Now see this (and check your own DVD - It's all on there):

Coincidental? Well, maybe. But now it's 3 things that are coincidental. How many "coincidentals" will it take before chance is so small that coincidence has to be set aside and other possibilities taken into account?