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How many times do you want me

How many times do you want me to repeat my comments on the CIT documentary? It is nothing but opinions. Every eyewitness in the documentary saw a plane, not all saw the impact, but those that did saw a plane hit the Pentagon and those that didn't saw a plane. No one saw a plane shoot a missile, no one at all.

Roosevelt Roberts does not contend that a plane did not hit the Pentagon, he merely contends he believes he saw another plane after the first plane had hit.
Craig Ranke:
Right, but from what direction did it seem like it came from?

Roosevelt Roberts:
It seemed like that it came from uh... it... hold on a second... it seem like it came from uh... south west.. look, the same way it came in or appeared that it came in, almost right where that first plane had uhm..., fell into the Pentagon right there, it.. it.. the.. it looked like it came from that direction.

So your position is that a large commercial aircraft shot a missile at the Pentagon?

Where did AA flt 77 go then? How'd the black box to it and body parts and some belongings of it's passengers end up in the Pentagon wreckage? Where is any physical evidence of a missile like there are plane parts? When did missiles stop exploding on impact and instead fly like a bullet through multiple walls?