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Even if you somehow sneaked a

Even if you somehow sneaked a video of Eric Holder in a secret meeting planning the entire thing onto FOX news, they'd just have Eric Holder come on and say: "That was out of context." Then the investigation would be stopped when Obama claimed "Executive Bullshit" and the media would bury the story and start talking about how evil N. Korea is.

Anyone who spoke about the video would be attacked on the media and called crazy conspiracy theorists, a debunk website filled with shit would appear on the internet and claim that the video was a hoax perpetrated by desperate anti-american terrorist hate groups.

Within 2 days, the 10% of Americans who had even heard of it would either forget it ever happened, or else call you a conspiracy theorist and terrorist for bringing it up.

What good is proof when the public is required to believe it before any justice is done? In our lawless world, truth is a matter of democracy, not proof, and your voting majority are clueless sheep. Proof is as irrelivant as the opinion of the minority.