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I think you must have

I think you must have misunderstood me. Or maybe I phrased something wrong. I didn't say that obeying laws would be voluntary. I said that paying taxes would be voluntary. And Congress is prohibited from making laws that violate the non-aggression principle. So basically, there are not many laws that congress could actually make except for cases where there is disagreement over whether or not the non-aggression principle is being violated (abortion, immigration). If Congress or the States break this rule, the people will have the option to stop funding them until they repeal the law.

What I have described is not an institution that has monopoly over things that citizens can't do. IT would really be nothing more than a private organization that still has the same structure as a traditional government. I believe that for people who fear anarchy, this would be a good way to make the transition into a stateless society because they would feel like they still have a government.