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You are employing your usual tactic of relentlessly repeating the same debunked canards.

I have told you over and over and over that there WAS NOT a missile or any other flying object on the scene. I explicitly said, "there is only evidence for ONE flying object on the scene, a large plane, which did NOT hit. NOTHING 'hit'". I also explicitly told you exactly what happened: a "flyover times with internal explosions." This is exactly what is advocated by CIT in the National Security Alert documentary as well.

Yet after all of that you are now once again asking me: "So your position is that a large commercial aircraft shot a missile at the Pentagon? ... Where is any physical evidence of a missile like there are plane parts? When did missiles stop exploding on impact and instead fly like a bullet through multiple walls?"

Keep it up because you are making it extremely clear that you are disingenuous and that your only goal is to deceive and confuse people, just like I said in my first post.

You ask, "Where did AA flt 77 go then?" Frequently Asked Questions >> If Flight 77 did not hit the building what happened to its passengers and crew?

YES, again, anyone who has watched the documentary knows Roberts assumed that a plane must have hit the Pentagon (even though he did not personally see it) and that commercial aircarft that he saw flying away at less than 100 ft altitude seconds after the explosion (alleged impact) must have been "another plane". I already explained this in my previous post, as you know. See above. The plane he saw flying away could only have been the same plane that is alleged to have impacted. Roberts now knows this and refuses to talk about 9/11 anymore. Millions of other people around the world now know it too, despite people like you trying to confuse them.