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In comment to you vs sane

In comment to you vs sane paul fan (um... ya name is kinda insulting in itself) I think an analogy in terms of alex jones vs Ron Paul can help anyone understand the importance of appearances

In general my opinion of Alex Jones.
if you want someone to eat a piece of cake you take out a spatula or pie server or pancake flipper or any serving implement to serve it to them on their plate. it you pick it up with your bare hand smashing it on their plate it would be the same cake. it would taste the same. but the presentation makes it look like garbage. Dr. Paul thank you for being a good Spatula. Alex stop using your hand.

---Want to discuss politics with Mormons? Please read:

"Latter Day Liberty"-Connor Boyack(forward by Ron Paul

Doctrine and Covenants sections 134 & 89

Watch Secretary of Agg Ezra Taft Benson's discourse on "The Proper Role of Government"