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that movie a classic? I can recite lines from it on command almost. We do the fax machine scene for a stress reliever occasionally.
(except with shotguns)

When I first got out of the corporate deal I had some health issues that required me to be in and out of the hospital. After that, I went to work with a friend of mine to expand his retail hydroponic/aquaponic/organic garden business. I helped expand it about 40%. Just opened a new location in San Antonio last year. No cloak and dagger, no phony baloney, no TPS reports, 99.9% happy customers. It was/is very rewarding. I still work with him, but in lesser involved capacity.
I also do a little gunsmithing on the side and am looking at starting an coffee import business as well. Fortunately I have(usually)lived within my means, and have a relatively low debt load and some assets that provide a little mailbox money. We'll see what the future holds. I just know I'd rather hustle than go back to that soul sucking environment.
Best of luck to you man. I'm going to get some of those chrome DTOM snakes for me and my buds. Expect an order soon.