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Comment: I worry about the exact same thing.

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I worry about the exact same thing.

It's crazy, too, because one of my best / most trusted friends is a brother who was formerly in a gang (Like me, he is pushing 40--considered old in gang life. [He's been to countless funerals for gang war casualties, going back to his early teen years.]). He has said that "his people" are the most skeptical of government (understandable, per obvious history) and his closest brothers are practically conspiracy buffs. They also will NEVER give up their guns. And a lot of these folks think / know Obama is an Oreo cookie, soulless bankster puppet (because a REAL black person would never be elected / installed)!

Hey, not my words here... but it smells like truth.

(He has alluded to the necessity of making alliances with "country" types like me. LOL! We'll see what happens....)

What would the Founders do?