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Comment: Again, let's talk about purpose.

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Again, let's talk about purpose.

"To restore the republic."

Do you think an Anarchist shares your purpose? Do they want to defend the Constitution or 'restore the Republic'? The Jerry Springer show we see here at the Daily Paul is caused by a lack of common purpose.

An Anarchist opposes your purpose, but they need a mob to serve theirs, so they try to organize people. Since their purpose is by definition in opposition to yours, why would you let an Anarchist organize you?

Like I said. I want NOTHING to do with Anarchists. I don't organize with them, nor do I help them organize because they oppose my purpose.

I'm a Libertarian, a Republican, and a Constitutionalist, not an Anarchist, and I can say with no dishonesty that my purpose is to restore the Republic and defend the Constitution, yet even those goals are just a means to an end.

My ultimate political purpose is to promote justice and impose a negation upon injustice; to keep the peace in a Constitutional Republic.