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Comment: There are limits

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There are limits

Mob bosses are limited by the amount of intimidation they can bring to bear on a population. One of the things they do is recruit cops, judges, and politicians to give them security from the people and the government that is supposed to be protecting us from the Mob.

Anarchy does not guarantee that there will be a clash of warlords. Early in America's history, there were communities that grew up outside of the reach of the official governing bodies set up by England. Those communities were peaceful, not fighting each other. It was the governing bodies of neighboring colonies that attacked and subdued the 'anarchists.' The American Indian tribes of North America operated in near anarchy, believing that no man was subject to another man. They had conflicts, but it was in no way a society of warlords. Europeans who joined the Indians were said to 'go native,' and they almost never went back to the white world, prefering the relative peacefulness of anarchy.

I do not understand how you think you would get away with 'putting a whip on your back' would be easy if there were no government. The only time a whip was put on a back in this country, and gotten away with, was when government protected the institution of slavery.

I am sorry to hear that you (if I can assume that you will be one of the people to 'act justly') intend to do me harm. I have never called for violence, do not believe in violence, have never used violence, and will never initiate violence. Still, you find me to be such a threat that you will use it against me?

Woe be to us if you should put your hands on the reins of government power.