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Comment: Grew up in MI

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Grew up in MI

Lived in the Central part of the state where there is much less crime than cities like Flint, Detroit, Saginaw and whatnot. As far as planning routes to avoid certain parts of certain cities... yeah it happens. I used to do that if I was in Flint, Detroit, or Saginaw because there are parts of certain cities where you are more likely to find yourself in a dangerous or unsafe situation and I figured I might as well avoid those parts of town if I could. I do not know if that is racism or just common sense. Also, keep in mind, Michigan itself could be split into Northern and Southern parts of the state because they are vastly different.

As far as the original post... how do we bring people together to realize that the problems this country is facing effect everyone, not one specific race? Well.... the very best answer I can come up with is to keep educating with the truth. Educate anyone who will listen or give you the time of day.

As far as this specific protest, I wonder who organized it and how word was spread. There might have been plenty of people of different races that would have loved to be there that day but maybe word just never got around to them.