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Comment: Far Be It For Me To Ever Say Anything Good About Monsanto...

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Far Be It For Me To Ever Say Anything Good About Monsanto...

...and I'm not going to now; but one paragraph in the post seemed less than Liberty orientated...

"(A) Basically this bill stops the ability of consumers to seek redress in the federal judicial system for harmful or dangerous products being sold and harvested by Monsanto. (B) Federal courts cannot stop the sale or planting of Monsanto’s products – even if they are found to be dangerous or life-threatening. (C)Yay for us! I am so glad we are relying on Congress and Big Business to protect our health and wellness."

A. I buy an apple. I don't like it. Made me sick. Who do I seek redress from, the market where I bought it, the produce wholesaler, the orchard owner, the nursery that grew the tree or Monsanto for selling him a GMO seed?
I'd prefer the Federal Court not dictate what is harmful and dangerous for me. I bought the apple.

B. I'd prefer the courts not dictate what we cannot grow and consume because 'they' have determined something to be dangerous or life tobacco...or marijuana...or the perfect modified banana.

C. I would just as soon bash myself repeatedly in the head with a 4 slice toaster than rely on Congress and Big Business to protect my health and wellness.

Liberty is independence. Independence requires personal responsibility. Responsibility includes making the right decisions. Allowing or expecting government or business to make those decisions for you is not Liberty.

I am not in defense of Monsanto at all.
They could sell shots of battery acid at the bar and I would still chose not to drink one. Like Yeager. :-)

So I went to a Monsanto demonstration once. Then the organizers' runner arrived with arms full of their food orders from...wait for it...McDonalds. I'm laughing and telling them I couldn't believe they were shoveling down that soylent pink slime garbage and were worried about seeds!
Kinda like washing down a couple of pork chops with a diet coke...

Exercise Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad