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Great point.

Blacks have always had mistrust of government(can't blame them) - "The Man" has always tried to keep them down they say. The problem I think is that they tend to BLUR the lines when they talk about the government("the man"), which they see as rich fat old white men. So in essence they see white people as being guilty by association, as well as not really being able to identify with their "struggle" so to speak.

I grew up in black neighborhoods and most of my friends tended to be black, and it was just a given that it was an "us vs them" mentality for various reasons. If they had white friends, they'd be considered an "Uncle Tom" and accused of "selling out", similar to what white people had to endure in the 1950's and being called "negro lovers". Instead of taking responsibility, it was always much easier to complain about it, specially as kids when that's all you hear from their parents and uncles.

But there should come a time when you're old enough to realize the difference between right and wrong, and un-glue yourself from that herded mentality.

The sooner we all start seeing that it's not about racial, political party, sexual orientation, and/or religion, and realize that instead it's about "We The People", we'll all be better off.

The big problem I still see, and I'm hoping for ideas/solutions here, is that many minorities still have that "seeded" mentality/anger, and vote for a candidate based on the color of his skin.

I think a major first step, would be to have people from their own races reach out to them. At least in that way, part of their mistrust is gone, and their defenses somewhat lowered. If we're ever going to move "forward", we have to come together.