Comment: Give it time...

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Give it time...

Race-baiters like cheesepants below will show up, eventually.

The rats will surface. We can't be bringing the people together now, can we cheesepuffs?

I'm beginning to think this mutton-for-brains smelly cheese slice is, actually, a white supremist!

He's the guy who never forgave Saul when he changed his name to Paul. He's the guy who would rather let monsanto go on with their evil deeds than accept help from some, dare I say it, black man.

People can NEVER modify their stance, according to cheesewhiz, here. LF stands up for the rights of his "people" the best way he can after they have been beaten in the streets for decades, for generations, and cheese squish here can't tolerate him for it. Even when he sees the man fighting along side of him.

They make movies about guys like cheese danish. He is always the one you hate, the bigot, the guy in the sweaty white/brown wife beater that gives everybody a bad name and, in the end, everybody turns against because he portrays the real face of intolerance. No class. He's just a beat down stain where a man used to stand. He is in the minority and fights the unfair, cheater, sucker punching fight until we squash him and leave him in the dustbin of history.

That would be YOU, velveeta underground. You have been a troll on this site for years. You suck as a man.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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