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Don't say that out loud. If you do I'll have to attack you, personally because its apparent, since you are from Alabama, that you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about!

Larry Silverstein said to "pull" it and he meant "pull" the fire fighters because they knew the building was going to collapse! It was burning, after all. And, don't fire fighters normally evacuate from a fire. God forbid a fire fighter would fight a fire! Especially, one that was reported to be "under control". "What are those fire fighters doing fighting that fire, Henry? Get them out of their, Rudy! We're gonna "pull it!"

You should move up here to Wisconsin. We could teach you red necks from Alabama a thing, or two, about structural integrity.

Sorry for all the sarcasm, Angie. These trolls bring it out of me.

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