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Gov't Fear

This news just gets me worked up.

Years about hearing trafficking of drugs or whatever else there is to "traffic" that for a half year I've been thinking a large percentage of the crime reported on news isn't crime and is stories like this one, a set up, a government caused crime that ONLY the government CAN DO and that ONLY the government DOES DO.

I'm tired of these Wraiths from Mordor swooping in to lock down a brotherly person based on astounding ignorance of or brainwashing for the ring of authority.

I'm on the edge of believing a lot of crime isn't crime and that what is crime is government performed or situated from extreme law-making, the defining of interaction between individuals privately and voluntarily that just their interaction becomes crime. The government is criminalizing people helping each other, for crying out loud. The government is criminalizing humanity.

I'm for the US Constitution, but when I hear these stories, I tend to lean to private protection, which if thought through is a group of people protecting each other, which is what a gang is for the most part. Consequently, because thuggery almost is exclusive to itself, State agents of force will, ironically, be forced to pull back on their behavior. I fear that's what is needed to inculcate the constitution back into police men and other agents of the State. If police and other such agents fear the people, you'll see them change for the better and change fast. People want to live their lives. Police, however, now are positioned to invade peoples lives. Again, fast change if law is tweaked to empower the individual against force agents.

You so-called law enforcement people -- law enforcement, a phrase whose meaning should be reflected on including how and, allowing that reflection to inform you, why it came about -- should be well underway in planning how to rein in your partners, because if you don't, your very kind will be your ends. Let's be frank: If you're a State agent "authorized" to carry out harm and are on this website and reading this comment, you're among very few such agents who give a damn about what you do. If your kind continues to behave how it does, meaning the poor actors of your kind aren't exposed publically and therefore avoid shame by the public, then you just aren't doing your job.

As you are supposed to be the public's safety, we without question always are yours about which there is no getting around because of the public's nature, that we are going about our business, never getting into yours. But how you police men and other state protectors are positioned, the line is fine between fulfilling your mandate and exploiting the public. You agents who are longtime DP readers should be well underway in devising plans of restoring respect in what you do. Really, considering those plans and if you are earnest in your effort to that restoration, you should be near implementing those plans. There's no excuse. Not now. Not in these times. Not in this year, 2013, and certainly not after this year. Too much time has passed and too much State agent brutality has occurred to not soon implement removal of bad actors in your line of work. We're talking at least 70 years of this crap; argument can be made for more than 70 years.

Recommendation: Use recording devices to record every such agent and archive those recordings. Archive logs the agent should make every hour. Install black box recording devices and in GPS their cars; record every turn of their vehicle's wheels. Archive their routes so that they can be compared to their scheduled routes if need be. Show no tolerance of State actor abuse of the public. That's right. None. Fire them after their first offense and fine them heavily, where that fine is at least the monetary amount of training school. Perhaps the money can be given back to the state or your office can retain the money to use it only for training and cancel out the would-be tax money your office would receive the following year.

One more recommendation: Bar offenders from working in government again. As well, because that person breached his trust with the public, that person's record of breach could be accessible to the public, where even a person considering hiring the offender, someone the employer likely wouldn't know is an offender, can look through a data base consisting of offender names and all the information of their offense.

Government agents of force, your kind is out of control. The time has come to police yourselves. You good agents, you got work to do.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.