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Comment: Israel Anderson is a confused hypocrite

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Israel Anderson is a confused hypocrite

I wouldn't have cared about Israel Anderson exploiting his Ron Paul connections for personal profit (since when are libertarians opposed to profit) but he totally condemns the owner of of exploiting the Ron Paul name and his liberty connections for profit. By that token, this page must be exploting Ron Paul's name for profit too. I note that Anderson's ronpaulflix contains advertising, so who is exploiting the Ron Paul name for profit, again....? Sheesh.

Israel Anderson has got some loopy ideas about profit and who is allowed to make it. According to him it is bad that the evil pharmaceutical industry makes a profit. It is bad that medical profession makes a profit They are just trying to keep us sick, blah, blah, blah. The medical quackery industry, however, is totally justified in making a profit, because, um, Anderson subscribes to medical quackery.

Basically, if medical treatments are scientifically proven to work in double blind studies but cost patients lots of money they are bad. If alternative treatments have never been proven to work but cost patients lots of money they are good. Conducting "research" means reading medical quackery and conspiracy websites like NaturalNews and

Israel Anderson will unfriend you if you disagree with this.