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Whitey Bulger was a government snitch

out here in Boston. He was on the FBI's payroll, and while on said payroll, he did a lot of dirty s#!^. Then after decades on the lam, he got caught. Now he's back in the pokey, and the Feds want to try him.

Bulger says "Wait a minute - not so fast! We had a deal!"

BOSTON -- Reputed Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger kept his end of a bargain to cooperate with the government in exchange for immunity from federal prosecution, and now the government should keep theirs, Bulger's attorneys say.

Bulger should be able to present evidence about the alleged deal during his trial over his role in 19 killings, his attorneys argued in papers filed Monday in federal court in Boston.

Prosecutors said in their response that Bulger's claim is "absurd."

Bulger's lawyers said in their brief that Bulger has never claimed – as prosecutors have said – that he had "a license to kill," only that he can't be prosecuted for federal crimes committed while the deal was in effect. They concede he could be prosecuted by state authorities.

"The defendant did not possess a license to kill but rather an agreement with the Department of Justice," they wrote. "He seeks only that the DOJ honor its promise to refrain from prosecution."

He's the man.