Comment: THE biggest treason in your country...

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THE biggest treason in your country...

... is the fact that your lawmakers do not read the laws they sign. Behind that is that most of the time they do not write them but knowingly let corporate and elite make you laws; and for pay --however they paint it.

What business does a "lawmaker" have pulling such a filthy trick of slipping in something like that? How do you tolerate that? Why don't all the impractical philosophers here create a movement to stop that? Why don't they get together and form some structure and appoint some leaders who can spearhead as spokespersons into the forums that matter and organize protests as massively as needed till you have genuine lawmakers instead of the farce you have now that is doing you in?

Why do you tolerate "leaders" like that and refuse to form a group and set up your own. Instead you tolerate a status quo of a façade of leaders because no-one want to seem unpopular for supporting a leader that you can't all agree with 100%. Why don't you form a group that gets the 5 most important things done; or 10; or 20 and tell the leader what to do like someone tells ehte current puppets at all levels what to do?

The lawmakers abdicating their responsibility to corporations you did not elect is the primary treason.

The failure of those who know about that to get organized and undo it is the secondary treason.

Why did Barbie whatshername not apologize for not reading the laws or knowing who wrote them; isn't that her job? If I was employed and did not do my job I would get fired. Why do you tolerate that? Has someone lost their balls in this scenario?