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eh, still missing my point

I'm not saying consumption is good because it "drives prosperity". Consumption is good because it IS prosperity.

Certainly, that is not a prescription to increase consumption now. Austrians argue (which I agree with) that we should consume LESS (now) and save/invest more (now) to increase productivity in the future...but even they understand that the reason to have increased productivity is so we can have more consumption in the future. Consumption is the goal.

If consumption isn't the end goal (enjoying the fruits of our labor), then what do you think is? The labor itself? If that's the case, you're welcome to come over to my house...I'm sure I could giving you all kinds of "prosperity" (work).

Why government stimulus is even in this debate is confusing to me. I'm not talking about government stimulus. I'm talking about consumption...even consumption by choice by free people.