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if steel were any better than wood in a fire we would not be having this conversation. Steel is incredibly weak in a fire. It is the basic understanding of materials that makes one say, ya that makes sense. There really is no taking the scientific high road. there is no way to prove if there were or were not nano thermite explosives. its like trying to do an autopsy without a body.

so why is there no body to examine? etc. ya it looks like a cover up. so if you wanna call it a crime scene the investigation was obstructed by the shipping of the building components to china and not allowing a single damn person to analyze it. that looks like a cover up.

This is what i meant by spatula vs hand in my comment below this. I agree with you. I may even think some idiots. but if i spew it out how is that going to affect them? is it gonna make them stop being idiots

I agree with almost everything you just said. but appearance is important and what you have said, (Even using my name Mike showing this as a personal thing and the time you use to identify me as a person is both threatening and endearing, because you used it in a negative context (to reproach me) it is threatening, if you used it to give a compliment before a chastisement it would be endearing)

so in short why what you have said is mostly truth your using a very condescending manner to try to "correct" my misguided thinking, and in human nature if such a road is taken it turns off your audience.

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