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Comment: You ask; Is it a crime to make loans to fiscal irresponsible

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You ask; Is it a crime to make loans to fiscal irresponsible

governments. It sure is if you just digitized the money up out of thin air. In fact id say two crimes. One, the counterfit of sovereign curency. Second, USURY loaning the counterfit worthless digits at a COMPOUNDING rate. We can add the immoral extorted theft called tax collected on the basis of the false national debt.
Im amazed that you do not see these as crimes.

Instead you say the government is corrupt not the zionist jewish Rothschild controllers of the Rothschild central bank, no problem there huh.

Im suprised after the last election that you dont see that the counterfiters are the real owners of everything and I mean every dam thing. Every corporation including the corporate USA in DC. Do you realy think they allow just anyone to become elected.

If you had the wealth and power that the Rothschild family does over this world would you allow anyone to become president, the head of a country, and jeperdise your central bank counterfit extortion, theft, control, crime against humanity?

I shake my head because either your the enemy or your just dumbly supporting the enemy by making the enemy to be the puppet Government and not the actual people responsible, the Rothschild mafia. The one's that are forcing the compounding national False debts upon humanity.