Comment: Well why does he say in this

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Well why does he say in this

Well why does he say in this video that he does not know what hit the Pentagon and say that he examined photographs?

He never says anything about suspecting a missile, seeing a missile part, "physically" inspecting anything, or seeing any unaltered video.
In fact he says he has been very careful of not saying what hit the Pentagon because the evidence is not there, if he saw an unaltered video of what hit and saw a missile part, why does he not offer that up in this interview?

Also you do know that the CIT story, that many people are pointing me to here, does NOT believe a missile hit the Pentagon right? And NONE of the over 100 eyewitness saw a missile hit the Pentagon or a plane shoot a missile that hit the Pentagon, NONE.

So yeah I got problems with that and therefor can consider it only his opinion of the wreckage from photographs, because that's all it is.