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Not accurate.

The comment consists of sweeping generalizations and guilt by association, along with inaccurate characterization of the origins of certain actions.

First: Deist? The Founders were overwhelmingly Protestant Christian:

Second: "Religious extremism that murdered millions of Native Americans?" What on Earth are you trying to say? The destruction of the Native Americans was due, initially, to accidental introduction of disease, followed by active extermination by government in the 19th century - neither of which had anything to do with religion. If you're referring to the Spaniards in South America, sure, but even that was really motivated by treasure more than anything else.

Third: Ah, the witch trials, the single most exaggerated action in the history of attacking Christians. Yes, they happened in the Americas a couple of times, but were not by any means the epidemic they're often portrayed as. In Europe, yes, usually with the blessing of the corrupt (at the time) Catholic Church, which operated... wait for it... as a government itself.

Fourth: The Crusades were fought for the same freaking reason as any other war. Land (that is, power) and political capital (that is, power).

In short, the problem is not and never has been "religious extremism," but rather the State getting its hands on a convenient excuse. The Soviets used an atheist ideology - Marxism - as their excuse.

The problem is the State, brother, not religion.