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There are about 900 rigs operating right now in Texas. These wells are drilled anywhere from 15-120 days depending on location and depth. Just about every well drilled is fracked. Now do the math and ask yourself how many earthquakes occur in Texas every year. Do you honestly believe that fracking causes earthquakes? Half of our countries rigs (total of 1748) are in Texas. So wouldn't a large chunk of our earthquakes be here as well if you believe this non-sense? Citing sensationalist scientists as proof is not credible. I see everyone talking about getting off foreign oil all the time. Yet they fail to realize that fracking has increased our oil production to the extent that we have surpassed Saudi Arabia. What you really should be asking is why do we have nuclear power plants instead of utilizing the unimaginably massive supply of natural gas as energy. Natural gas burns clean, unlike nuclear and coal which has waste. People need to take the steps to educate themselves about the oil industry before making judgement. Opinions are fine and healthy for discussion but spreading disinformation is exponentially harmful.

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