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NO! They Don't!!

This is not to say that there are those who are not for the agenda you propose, but it is to say this:

When I attended the CA GOP convention, and by the help from DP community, I was able to attend events sich as the Prayer Breakfast, they are NOT a majority, nor do they have they power in the GOP (they are a side attraction).

Where I live, we have women's and men's Christian Association, and I enjoy attending the events because I get to meet and be with friends from all over the county, and I get to attend their Churches and see their programs.. and no one of trying to FORCE me to join their Church. Yes, they would be happy if I did. And maybe people do change Churches; However, the point I'm making to you is that Americans appreciate the diversity, it is up to God, the GRACE of God is what will bring people into a Chruch, NOT politics. That is NOT what Rand is doing or porposing. He is getting the Federal Government OUT of Chirch by empowering the states.

I think it's brilliant.